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Presented by the folks at Camfrog.
Camfrog Video Chat
xMike.com now has a dedicated video chat room setup by the people at Camfrog. Go check it out! The software is completely free, unless you want to upgrade.
  1. First go to the Camfrog website and download the free software.
  2. After installation click "Video Chat Rooms" below your contact list and join the room "xMike" by clicking it in the room list or just click here.
Also, if you do decide to pay for an upgrade, you're also supporting xMike.com! (But be sure to use the "Camfrog website" link above.)

Please note:
  • Apparently it only works for Windows XP and Windows 2000 (not ME or 98)
  • It has some odd bugs. Sometimes it kicks you off, doesn't let you connect. Your sound or cam might not work. There's all sorts of wacky stuff. Complaining won't help anything, Mike does not control anything!
  • xMike.com is not responsible for any activities that go on there.
  • This video chat room and related features are not limited to the xMike.com audience. Non-XM users can join the xMike room, and xMike users can join other rooms. This is a public service, the creators have just set aside a specially named room for us.
  • Basically, think of this service like AIM or MSN, just smaller and specifically designed for cam chatting. Anyone can signup and join, you can be harassed, it's up you to block/ignore users that you do not want to talk to.
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