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xMike.com is free. It will continue to be free. However, there are a lot of additional features that I want to add; some of which will require a lot more storage on the server and other resources. Also, the site itself does not pay for itself currently. Premium accounts will allow the people get access to cooler features as well as help out the community.

How much does it cost?
Right now since not everything is setup yet, it's the best time to buy - there's no set pricing structure yet. Anyone who donates $20 or more until we are ready to kick in the actual subscription engine will get a year of premium membership (starting from when our membership engine is in place!) as well as "donated" status, which shows your support for the community. Also, the more you donate, the more I might decide to bump you up, maybe two years, maybe for life. Depends on the turnout. If a lot of people take advantage of this $20 special and it shows me how much the site is appreciated, I might just upgrade everyone's accounts that have contributed until the subscription engine is setup to premium accounts for life!

I have influence over a lot of people. Can I use this to my advantage?
Of course. If you can get three people to upgrade to premium and mention you referred them, you'll get upgraded too! If you're already a premium, I'll tack on more Mike respect points or more time to your premium membership - we'll work something out.

I've already donated, will I have to pay?
No. As it states above, you'll get *at least* one year of premium membership for free, once our subscription engine is up and running, which won't be for a while still, so you'll get all that time as well as a premium member.

What features will be included?
Some of the features are still being decided. Here's some ideas we've had so far, most of which will be implemented (please note that most are planned to be done at some point, but it might take a while):
  • Access to a premium/donated forum if one is ever made.
  • Premium members' images will be approved first.
  • Increased forum options to customize the experience ("view all images" link, custom pagination settings, and more.) - "view all images in thread" feature is now active!
  • Larger/more robust messaging/forum preferences - ignore lists, block lists, buddy/friend lists, etc.
  • [email protected] email (will not support attachments though, at least for a while, still being discussed.)
  • Ability to be notified when a user on their "watch list" submits new pics.
  • Ability to be notified when a user signs up that meets criteria (age range, location, sex, etc.)
  • Unlimited u2u'ing (private messaging) - only Premium and/or Saluted members may send messages now.
  • Unlimited images can be on the account.
  • Unlimited storage of xMike image hosting (to replace imagestation, etc.) for images and albums used for xMike purposes (forums, private messaging, etc.)
  • No time expiration on u2u's. Soon u2u's will be removed after 30 or 60 days, unless your account is premium.
  • See whether your u2u/message has been read or not (already active.)
  • Will be able to see the "Who's Online" page (already active.)
  • Will be able to mark themselves as invisible (still being discussed.)
  • See what other members have rated you/your pics.
  • Ability to delete your own comments from others' pics.
  • Mike's respect points - always useful to have.

Wait a second. It says "Unlimited" images and u2u'ing. Don't I have that right now?
Yes you do. But not for long. Too many people are [ab]using the system and not many people are contributing to the cause, so the resources they take up will need to be limited.

What's my current premium status? How can I take advantage of this deal?
Your current premium membership status is INACTIVE - if you're already a premium member, you can still feel free to donate more!

How can I pay?
If you have any other questions about donating, just email [email protected].

$20 is a lot for my college/student/broke ass. Will you accept less?
Anything helps. If everyone donated $5 the site would be much better already. Donate whatever you can, all donations are still tracked, and if I'm feeling like the site truly is appreciated, everyone who donates will be bumped up as well, whether paying the $20 or not. However, if you can afford the $20, just go for it. Don't donate less and hope for the chance!

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