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xMike.com: Site Information: Saluting FAQs
This should answer every question you've ever had on saluting and what a salute is.

 » All About Salutes
What is a "salute"?
A salute is a clearly identifiable image of yourself holding up an identifier that references the site name you're saluting for and your username. It is quite common practice on rating/profile sites, where a lot of people try passing other people's images off as their own. By requiring that you identify the site name (i.e."xmike.com") it validates that the salute was made for the specific site. By requiring the username, it verifies the specific username as well. This creates the unique combination of site name+username. Otherwise, if someone just made a sign with the site name, or just the username, it could be used on other sites or for other usernames. We know it's not 100% guaranteed, as some people can digitally alter images quite well nowadays, but it helps. To post your salute, go to My Salutes - from there it is quite self-explanatory.

Salute image requirements
  • Must specify the full and exact site name "xmike.com" NOT just "Mike" or "xmike" - originally that was fine, but not anymore.
  • Must include the full and exact username. No misspellings or shorthand.
  • Must be handwritten (NOT cursive or computer generated), as printing it from an inhuman source defeats the purpose.
  • Must be readable, of course. This is up for interpretation. Most people can read their own handwriting, but it doesn't mean that we can.
  • Must include the whole hand of the person saluting, so we can tell they're holding it. This also has exceptions. Sometimes we will ask for arm. The basic purpose is so we know you're holding it instead of a doctored arm or a sign photoshopped into the image.
  • Must prove beyond all doubt, in the opinion of the moderators/Mike, that the person in each of the images they are claiming are them are one in the same.
  • It must show the face of the person saluting.
  • The image may NOT be edited in any way.
  • The salute image(s) must upload it so we have a record of it on the site - upload to My Salutes - if you fail to do this your salute status will not be changed. What good is a salute if the proof isn't kept around? Once you upload it, it cannot be deleted by you. Do NOT upload images to the salute area if they are not salute attempts. They will be removed and you will just annoy the staff.
  • Suggestions
    • Take a few images with different angles and the same sign. It helps prove that the sign isn't doctored.
    • Including the date on the sign can also be useful. Some people change dramatically in only a couple of years.
  • Click here to jump to the examples.
"Spot The Faker" forum rules
  • Do not post anything in "Spot The Faker" unless
    • You're posting a salute and want the moderators to review it quicker than the normal review process.
    • You're posting a callout or proof that someone is faking on xMike.
    • You're helping someone with a salute (i.e. "it needs to show your full username on it")
    • You have a general saluting/faker question, that isn't answered here.
  • Do not call someone out who has already saluted, unless you have a good reason to doubt the validity of their original salute(s) - please note, any callouts made on people that the staff can verify will be removed silently.
  • Do not post just to comment on the looks of the person in the salute. It makes the entire process go slower and that's what Hottest Girls/Guys threads are for.
  • Do not get hostile with the moderators. They are doing their [voluntary] job to help out. If your request is correct the first time and your attitude is good, there should be no hassle to begin with.
  • Be patient.
  • Callout: A callout should happen when you think you have found someone on the site who is using images which you think are fake (avatar, PYP/PR images, etc.) Or, in cases which you want to see someone's true identity. A proper callout thread (in the "Spot The Faker" forum) would consist of "Callout - Username" as the thread title and a reason and/or some images of the person you're calling out in the thread body.
  • Proof: A proof thread should be created in the "Spot The Faker" forum when you feel you have actual proof that someone here is faking/lying. The title should be "Proof - Username" and the body should consist of that proof.
  • Salute: (see the first paragraph on this page.)
  • Tagged: (This only applies in the "Spot The Faker" forum.) A salute is tagged by a moderator. This means it has been seen by a moderator and given a "rating" of either *good* *questionable* or *incomplete*. *good* means it was done right and the user's status should change soon. *questionable* means something doesn't look right about the image. *incomplete* means it wasn't done right and will have to be done again.

 » Additional Q&A
Do I need to be saluted to call someone out?

Can I call someone out from TangoTime (or another website)?
No. We only care about people on xMike.

How long does it take for my salute status to be changed?
It depends. It can be minutes or it can be a few days. You can always message Mike if it's been a couple days and there has been no progress.

What do I do when I feel like my salute is not being looked at by a moderator?
Bump it. It will get processed, there might be a couple questions or people on vacation at the specific time though.

If I'm called out, do I have to salute even if I don't have images?
Yes. Too many people abuse the anonymity of the internet; if you want to talk hard here and someone wants to call you out so they know who they're talking to, so be it. There is no reason to hide.

When I make a salute, is the @ symbol required?
No, it is not required.

How long do I have to salute after I have been called out?
We don't have a set time limit. We are fairly patient. However, if you are taking an unreasonably long time, we might follow through with our course of action.

If I choose not to salute, what will happen to my account?
You account can be placed on restriction. There are some exceptions, but why risk it?

If I change my username, do I have to re-salute?
Yes you do. Hopefully this will begin to discourage the constant username change requests. If you request your name to be changed, your salute status will be removed along with it and you will be forced to re-salute to get salute status back.

Why are the people here so picky about salutes?
We don't like fakers. We have established rules and we do our best to enforce them equally. No one is an exception.

What if I need help?
If you need help, feel free to post a question in Spot The Faker, or message Mike. Anyone can message Mike, even if they are not saluted or premium yet.

What does "tagged" mean? (only applies in the "Spot The Faker" forum)
It means that a moderator has looked at your salute and given it a rating of either "questionable" "incomplete" or "good".

My salute thread is gone. Why? Where did it go? (only applies in the "Spot The Faker" forum)
Your salute has been approved by a moderator and your salute status has either been changed or you have been put on a list to be changed. It has been seen by all the right people.

Why has my post been edited to say "Read The Rules Before Posting"? (only applies in the "Spot The Faker" forum)
Because you were talking about something completely irrelevant to the forum. Be thankful the post wasn't erased to make you lose your precious post count!

 » Proper Salute Examples
example #1

example #2

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