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Here For

I guess long story short... I been around and fucking done alot, ive seen alot of internet bullshit but this place rips....im a 25 year old skate boarder....i also run my own amatuer recording studio casue i love music mostly punk metal stuff and alot of experimental stuff to... i also love girls. i guess thats why i signed in to this thing...im here ..you need a friend im your man... got a question ask me casue im not your average guy that can just go on and on about himself for days.. so drop me a line or someshit. i have pics.. uhm no idea how to post em but im sure ill figure this shit out eventually.

i like the 50's bettish girls that look like there from the 50's, skateboarding, playing my tuneage, figuring out the human race and drinking guiness till the keg runs dry.

i dislike green food, girls who wear deceiving bra's...your evil, people who discuss themselves incessantly, bubblegummers, TOP40, DCSHOES, my chest hair. thats all for now
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