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  • Age: 34
  • Birthday: December 2nd
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  • Country: United States
  • State/Province: California
  • City: Cali

aim Outlawplaya5
msn O[email protected]
yahoo Ability91941

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Here For


My pictures are down at the bottom on FTJ and RMI...i know i copy and pasted my info from FTJ to here..but im lazy and not creative.

Well, I like to play basketball it keeps me in decent shape and I love to compete on the court. I also enjoy music alot, I listen to all types of music but i mostly like rap. Also most types of comedy I like, for example stand up comedy like Lewis Black, or Eddie Izzard. I also like skit comedy like SNL, and of course improv. I also like to catch a late movie now and then. Also i have yahoo and a cam, which means nothing unless you have one also and feel like camming! eh lame i know, but what can ya do!

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