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im 19 year old single mother of an adoreable lil baby girl whom i jus had a month ago- shes my sweetheart, and my life. A lil about me and my intrests- im not in school at the moment but ill hopefully be starting up again in augest- which will be loads of fun-haha, i love to read, i read a lot. i get on the puter when i can....jus to chat, play games, get on silly sites like this, haha. when i go out i like to jus hang out...nothing to thrilling, go to movies, the lake, play pool, jus things like that....yes im pretty boring, lol. No i dont get on these site looking to meet people, like in person or whatever, haha or to cyber, or trade nudes..lol, im jus on here to chat w/poeple, i mean if im gonna be on the puter might as well know people, put my messengers to use! lol so yes i do like to chat w/people on here a lot, so peoples can feel free to message me anytime. thouhg i doubt anybodys gonna find me real interesting...haha.
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