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  • City: Boulder CO

aim skimpped

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Here For

I'm 29 years old, native of Milwaukee, living in Colorado now for about 10 years. Full time Hip Hop musician and Dj, see "Rhymes4theTimes .. dot blah blah". A skilled glass-blower of 8 years. Very intellectual and open minded. College(CU) Bachelors degree in Fine Arts/Photography. In the real world, I can take life and my goals a bit seriously, and enjoy someone who can balance me and keep things Irie and uplifting. Thats not to say that I don't know how to play and have fun along the way. I love music (it can change the world), the arts, and people who think for themselves in this society, who can develope their own oppinions/beliefs. Oh yeah, and I really enjoy some monumental sex-capades. Hit me up... moc.loa ta deppmiks
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