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Here For

I'm the guy that writes Observational Humor for collegehumor.com. This fall, I'm going on a 42-state stand-up tour, so maybe I'll end up at your campus. Unless you're in one of the eight evil states. Now, are they evil because they didn't invite me, or did they not invite me because they're evil? (scratches head thoughtfully)

My next few stops are NYC, MIT, WPI, and Babson. Message me if you're there already.

And now, it's time for a breakdown.

I'm Jewish, but I look Irish, which throws people off. I use it to my advantage though - I go into bars, pick fights with people, sue everyone, and they never see it coming.

Growing up Jewish was tough for me, even in New York. My classmates would always tease me. They'd call me names like cheapskate and hooknose and bagel eater, and I was like, "man, this Hebrew school sucks!"

Growing up Jewish and growing up Irish are very different. When you grow up Irish, the stereotype is that you're going to be a fire fighter. When you grow up Jewish, the stereotype is that you're going to be cheap. Like my big right of passage was turning 16 and borrowing the keys to the car - so I could rent it to my friends.

I tried being a firefighter for a while and that didn't work out. I'd get to the top of the ladder and be like, "well, Mrs. Glick, I'd love to save you, really I would, but first there's the small matter of the bill. Let's see - five flights at $100 a flight...two dogs...one of them is a schnauser? That's a German dog. That's going to be extra."
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