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Here For

I'm a 19 year old guy who's living down just south of FW, TX now, lived in quite a few places, born on the east coast in the Carolina's, just outside of Camp Lejune (USMC). I am leaving for recruit training in October to Parris Island, SC for 13 weeks, and will graduate in Feb. Was going to join the infantry and have the Marine Corp as my career, but due to a recent somebody I've realized that instead I truly want a wife and kids and the whole regular "family", and it's much easier to do if i'm not moving around and gone for months at a time...so instead my MOS is in the computer field so when I do leave the Corp, get a nice phat payin job back here in tx... other than all that I want to date and party and have a lot of fun b4 I leave, when it comes to yall females, i like a girl who likes to have fun, but definatly got some of that "country girl" in her, lol. So NEwayz, if u think u can fit the bill or wanna talk and maybe go hang out or whatever, let me know...but i'm into camping, hiking, hip-hop, love r&b music, and country is good too, neways ne'ting else u wanna know just ask, or leave me a message, ok?
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