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  • Country: Canada
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Here For

About Me:
Evil, adulterated Evil. A metal Guitar-God from Windsor/Detroit with a dream of
revolution in music. Philosophical, Poet, Writer, I hate politics but I can incite a riot in
front of a govt building anytime, I hate punks who dont even know who SEX PISTOLS
or THE STOOGES are (Good Charlotte is NOT punk, they are just punks). Height 6'1" ,
Black Hair Brown Eyes, I got my Nipples peirced last year, thinking about getting my
nose peirced too. msn ([email protected]) http://www.inquilaab.8m.net ---
Turn Ons:
Rocker/Punk girls, eyes, long legs, Handcuffs, Old rusty shackles, teeth dug in my skin,
long hair, full lips, egotistic, Intelligence, someone who can keep up an intresting
conversation, sense of humor, knowledge of music, girls who are not afraid to get what
they want, and girls who can play guitar turn me on more than ANYTHING!!! ... We're
all fallen fathom from just who we are!
Turn Offs:
Why is it that women who disgust us the most always seem to understand us the best?
Preppies, hip-hop girls, girls who think they're beautiful just cuz they have tits and an
acceptable face, and anygirl who uses the word "LIKE" more then twice in a sentence,
thats just sheer stupidity.
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