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aim Bigblake2003
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Here For

*Full Name- Blake Allen Bateman

*Race- Cacausion and some european

*Eyes- Ocean Blue

*Skin Tone- Tan

*Hair- Dark Brown

* I like...... I like to have fun on a daily basis, I like to hang out with my buds, I like to meet new people online, I like to go Clubbing, I like to Swim, I like to lay out on the beach, I like too water ski, I like to do stuff on the computer, I like to talk on the phone, I like to work out everyday!, I like to Breakdance, I like to make good grades and not have any worries!!, I like to be stress free, I like to spend nights out on the river wal in The woodlands!

*I hate...... School, I hate long movies, I hate girls that are meenies, I hate it when youre mom nags you, I hate stress, I hate having to get up early, I hate waking up!, I hate being sore from working out, I hate Cranberry juice, I hate going to the doctor when you know somethings wrong, I hate going to bed early, I hate having girls be possesive, I hate not having fun.

*Hobbies-Breakdancing,Workingout,playing football, Surfing, Swimiing, walking around the mall area (River Walk), Driving my car everwhere!,Working on computers.

*Well Im shure you have read enough about me but if youre wanting to know more about me just email me/message me and I will get back to you as soo as possible!

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