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  • Country: United States
  • State/Province: Illinois
  • City: Granite

aim Wunsexyblonde

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Here For

Name: Samantha
Gender: Female
Occupation: Highschool
Likes: Cheddar Broccoli Soup (oh ya ) GUYS sorry girls but i know you want me ! i play soccer i dance i model name something i bet i do it ! Let's see...I like to swim to...to tan... I love to have a great tan.

Dislikes : Guys who are jerks(no names given::BRAD COUGH COUGH: Onions

Hair: Blondeit black underneath
Eyes: Deep Green
Race: White
Weight: 120
Height: 5'6''
School: GCHS
TV Show: Ozbournes or Anna Nichole Smith or Survior
Person: My Brad
Movie: Rose Red
Color: Green
Language: Italian or Spanish
Class: Civics
Place: the park---or jack n the box...or dominos
Grade: Junior
Music: Rock and Punk
if anyone want to get ahold of me you can AIM me at WunSexyBlonde

Bye bye

Brad is a jackass if anyone knowsBradd Coffman of HazelwooMO smak him and call him a jackass then say its from m!

Now 'm with Kyle, who is a good old fashione confederate! THE SOUTH WILL RISE AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!
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