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Here For

So this is xmike. I met the "creator" of the site in a euchre game, checked it out, and here I am. It better be good! LOL

Not too much interesting about me, I don't think. Other people's opinions tend to differ. 30 year old mom of 3, just quit working to be home with my kids (again). Hell, hub makes enough $ anyway! I am 5'2", 110 lbs., very blonde hair, hazel eyes and a nice dark tan. Yes, it's fake, what can I say? It's one of the things I like to do for myself. I'm very open minded, not easily offended, will do ALMOST anything and say absolutely anything. I think I am very out going and a lot of fun to be around. But you don't want to piss me off! LOL You've heard "dynamite comes in small packages", well I am living proof.

Broke the webcam and lost the drivers for the digital cam. Will get a pic posted as soon as I get around to looking up the drivers. For now you will just have to use your imaginations. Look forward to chatting with everyone! FYI...my friends call me "blondie."

I don't like the sexual orientation choices. I'm not straight but I wouldn't call myself bi-sexual either. You need to get a choice for something in between! LOL "experimental" maybe!
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