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  • Country: United States
  • State/Province: New York
  • City: ask and i might tell u

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Here For

Hi! everyone. I am serena. and I am 18 and I am from New York. I like to hang out wit my peepz, go bowlin, play handball, play sum sportz; like basketball sumtimez, baseball, softball, and other sportz, i like to go to the moviez, listen to music, dance and sing along 2 sum songz, flirt with guyz, watch tv, and just about anything. I smoke cigarettes. I have my permit but i am workin on gettin my license this summa. I am kind, caring, sweet, i am a good listener, i listen to alot of my friendz problemz in their life. And In return I tell them mine. Even when I don't wanna tell them they wanna hear it. I am currently a bowler. My average was a 128. My league ended. I have been bowlin for 6 years. Anythin else u wanna know u can just ask me. Aight? Pe@ce out.
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