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I grew up in here in Eugene Oregon. Graduated highschool in the top 5 in my class. Lettered in 3 sports. Did plays and musicals. Played in Two rock bands. Eagle Scout. Got a full ride scholarship to an top flight engineering school...then..life happend...

Had too much fun, and got thown out of college for Academic Disqualification, and "Anti-social Behavoir". Took a job at a guitar store. Taught myself to write software. Changed jobs, started another band. Quit my job at the software company, to tour with the band. Band broke up. Moved to NY on a whim, and started a software consulting company. The computer market collapsed. I saw the writing on the wall, cancled my contracts and moved home, just as the two rather large buildings my software ran in had a rather sudden collision with a couple of planes. Became partially retired. Started another band which I am still in. Consulted a bit, worked for my parents business. Took a job at the University of Oregon supporting a grant funded research project on drug use and abuse in Teens. Mostly likely I will be on tour again sometime soon with Android Ethic, when we solidify a pending deal with a promotions company.
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