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  • Country: United States
  • State/Province: Minnesota
  • City: Bemidji

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Here For

Hey my name is Sandra.. I live in northern minnesota united states.......
I like to go out at times.... course.... there really isn't much to do up here..... so I just hang out at my cabin north of Bemidji, MN....... I went to school to be a truck driver..... course I went to school to be other things also... but this I actually enjoy doing.... currently nothing has panned out for me... but I'm not giving up yet..... I'll stick with this for a little while longer... I love to drive and I love to travel.. and a normal job doesn't let me do either... figured I would do some thing I love to do for a little while... anyhow.... if there's is anything else you'd like to know... don't be afraid to drop a message.... just a warning.. I'm not online very often... so it may take a while to reply.... I'd really like someone to tell me how this all works now though..... I can't remember where I put my pics.. L8r Sandra'
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