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Here For

I love egg nog as if it was my own child... eyeliner is awesome, as are oranges and Mr. Green soda... TACOS are my reason for living and the reason why I have such a ghetto ass... I love people with a fucked up sense of humor and aren't afraid to make an ass of themselves, go ahead and run through Wal*Mart screaming 'FRENCH TOAST!', no one gives a shit... I like guys with dark hair and light eyes who are tall and gangly *SO* adorable And and and I love goatees and lip and eye rings and and and.... hoodys and beanies and um... I like it when a guy can just sit and chill with me, pig out on pizza and play video games without whining like a little bitch if I beat your ass at it... which more than likely will happen... I like lipgloss that tastes like watermelon and rain makes me horny... uuum lemme see here... Johnny Depp is the sexiest fucking man alive, I would so rape him...hippos make me giggle and Jim Breuer is my bitch... I can be a humongous bitch and I'm extremely opinionated and judgemental, deal with it... don't ever call me a bitch, I have a 12 degree pink belt and I know how to use it
And Seinfeld is the best show... ever.
The best part of the male body is those GODDAMNED CREASY THINGS! For real! You know what I'm talkin' bout' ladies, those indents near to where his you know what is! *organismic sigh* I like panties that tie on the sides, those are really cool... Is that good enough for you guys?
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