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  • Age: 40
  • Birthday: March 18th
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  • Country: Mexico
  • City: Mexico


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Here For

First and foremost, if you're sexually repressed or have issues with men, please don't contact me. Now that that's taken care of, I'm a man of adventure, intelligent, happy, goodlooking, sexy, funny, single at the moment. I love touching, beach, music, travel, adventures, sensual teasing, mentally estimulating conversation, intense kissing, caressing and unusual women. Be exceptional if you contact me.

Two eyes meet across a room. You feel a tingle up your back, causing you instinctivly to arch it, while your lips slowly send a smile back to the stranger. But the eyes don't look away, and you love it. A feeling of excitement starts in your stomach. A combination of arousal and intrigue. As he starts walking towards you, your veins flood with emotion, your heart pounds like never before. You know something lifechanging is about to happen. If you will only take the next step and say hello to him....
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