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  • Age: 40
  • Birthday: May 14th
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  • Country: United States
  • State/Province: Michigan
  • City: C-town

msn [email protected]

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Here For

You know what I love to read everyone elses profile, so i figured I should put one up too.
About me: I live in a small town where there is nothing to do but party and get in trouble. i love to golf, ( i kinda suck though) work out, and read my FHM mag.
I'm such a sucker for: a preaty smile, tan lines, and the colors purple and pink on chics.
Things that impare my judgement big time: girls, coors light, the girl who sites next me in PSYC. oh yeah and the cwoods girls
i'll write more some other time.
p.s. i'm not very cmputer smart, and I don't know how to upload a pic. sorry, i'm working on it though.
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