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  • Age: 33
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  • Country: United States
  • State/Province: Wisconsin
  • City: Oshkosh

aim sexybabe0040
msn [email protected]

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Hey yall! My name is Jamie. I live in Oshkosh Wisconsin. I am 14 yet my profile says 15... musta hit the wrong key... but oh well... My hobbies are playing soccer, bball, talkin to hott guyz from different places... or from the city too... its great! I'm not exactly the typical 14 year old. I may like to do the same type of things... but i am strange... yet a lot of guyz say that i'm hott n' shit... and i'm still a virgin... sry... but i don't plan on it for long. I am single n' looking! gimme a holla at [email protected]
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