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  • Age: 33
  • Birthday: April 15th
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  • Country: United States
  • State/Province: Ohio
  • City: cleveland

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Here For

hi!! my names justin.. im a 17/m/cleveland.. a good friend of mine kept bugging me to come here so i finally did ( lol trinity) but n e ways ill just tell u sum basic stuff bout me..if u dont like it.. then

About Me:
im really 17 im 6'3 180 and have my cartaliege and eyebrowl pierced ... i like to wrestle...i own and run a pro wrestling league called mwa... i chill with my dudes n girls to have fun.. i like all types of music..im a funny crazy kid i make every one laugh im a big class clown i always love to have fun.. hit me up if u want to know more ( [email protected]) ..

Turn Ons:
a girl whos hot..body n face.. mostly a cute face though... i go for dark hair..dark eyes...cute face n decent body ...that will do it for me, and a nice personality who is very open i dont want no stuck up chick i want sum one whos cool and down to earth!

Turn Offs:
turns me off is any ugly chick instant message ...email me if ur a cutie though =) umm stalkers...bitches... chicks who are stuck up.. fat chicks...liars..cheaters..and smoking eww gross!! sry just my opinions u dont like them..oh well = )
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