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Here For

Whenever I write in these friggen things I either come across as boring or lame. So today, I'll be political!

21 Years Old. English/Film Student @ York University in Toronto. Check out my pic: Aren't I one Bad MF?

I believe in the legalization of all laws which inhibit individual choice
ie. the use of recreational drugs, wearing seatbelts, and suicide. Laws are meant to exist to protect people from having harm brought to them by others NOT harm by which they inflict upon themselves, and the enforcement of such laws TAKE AWAY our RIGHT to CHOOSE. This IS a democracy folks!

Not convinced?
1) By legalizing narcotics it allows the government to control substances as it does with tobacco, alcohol, and firearms, thereby making it less accessible to minors.

2) By legalizing narcotics the government creates great potential to make money, rather than lose it by incarcerating such "felons"

3) By legalizing narcotics we cut down on laws broken and consequently can put our law enforcement offers to better use, thereby catching REAL criminals.

4) We allow people to drink alcohol, smoke tobacco, and drive, all of which create a greater potential of harming others than drug use.

The counter argument to such ideas is the fact that drug abusers will inevitably lead to wasted health care money. To which I reply.

1) Health care exists to help the sick or injured REGARDLESS as to how have become ill, be it from cancer, car accident, drug abuse, self inflicted injury, or act of God. Health Care is not for us to pick and choose who we help, it's part of the contract, our tax dollars go to helping ALL THOSE WHO REQUIRE IT.

I also have other fascinating theories if you want to argue with me. I believe feminism is the biggest hypocrisy going and is detrimental to social equality and not as it claims "working toward it".

Wanna chat? Pick my brain? Or just talk film I own 225 DVD's, gimmie a shout.


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