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Here For

I like to write lyrics...and to spend most of my time online. I love music and basketball. Sacramento Kings that is....#10 Mike Bibby!! I live in Northern Cali. I'm dissabled so I'm home all the time.....dont have a Job...so I'm also bored most of the time. I'm a very shy person, and I'm single as well. Guess its hard for me to open up to guys being in the possition that I am in. It's hard for the fact that not many guys have the balls to take the time to get to know me before running because they find out that I can't walk. It's stupid but being from Cali, its hard because every guy that I know wants something that I am not. SO for all of those you wanting a good fuck...look else where....I'm not your bitch, never will be....and I'm getting sick and tired of only being contacted by the guys that want to use me...you want to use someone...go pay off a hooker for the night....get off my back asswholes!

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