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  • Country: United States
  • State/Province: Massachusetts
  • City: wakefield

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Hmmm... My names Mike. I am 20 years old. Nearly 21 and I can't wait. The waiting is killing me ... Yea I am single .. Not really looking for that mostly some cool people to chat with and maybe hang out. So anyone that finds me interesting i would love to chat sometime. I am sweet, loving, caring, just about always got a smile on my face. Can have a good time doing anything. Ain't that good of a writer. I use simple words. I is prolly the one word I use the most lol. Love the camping,beach sports, walking, hiking, camping, music, pool, bowling, darts, drinking, beer pong, 3-man, sex, dancing a little(I rock at the pee-wee herman )....Got my ears pierced and tounge. Thinking about my nipples and maybe eyebrow. Like gold better then silver. Just had my baby. Thats right a 2002 grand prix GT 2 door coupe. Its so sexy ... Currently I am working as a sales manger. Also have certification in computer networking. Thats the geeky side of me .. Well if you wanna chat drop me a line sometime
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