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  • Country: United States
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  • City: Naples, FL

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Here For

born march 13, 1973, became interested in photography and started experimenting with the camera in 1992>graduated with an associate's degree middlesex college, new jersey, 1996>worked as an intern geffen records new york city 1995>began working as a production assistant on music videos and commercials in new york city 1997-2001> worked 'woodstock '99' in rome, ny with from mtv> assisstant tour manager for the band 'hanson' for their 2000 world tour, us, canada, mexico, and south america>returned to new york december 2000 and began working concert production at madison square garden in new york and the first union center in philadelphia,pa 2001-2001> worked shows for madonna, janet jackson, michael jackson, and 'the concert for new york'>lived two blocks below the world trade center on september 11, 2001, an experience that changed my life> i photographed the entire event> photos were published in the books "here is new york," and "the september 11 photo project." left for los angeles in april 2002 to get a job as a locations scout/photographer on television commercials> moved to los angeles 2002> hated it there> left los angeles for florida april 2003> currently living in naples, florida and loving it>

music: radiohead/white stripes/ramones/bowie/beatles/queens of the stone age/rolling stones/foo fighters/chili peppers/the who/iggy/coldplay/travis/

love: my girlfriend/photogrpahy/music/art/design
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