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  • Sex: Female
  • Age: 34
  • Birthday: October 17th
  • Sign: n/a
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  • Height: n/a
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  • Country: Ireland
  • City: Dublin

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yahoo irish_braveheart2003

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Here For

My name's Lesley,I'm 16 and I got some nifty piercings.2 in my lip,my tongue,both of my nipples and the back of my neck.I live in Dublin,Ireland.I like to watch Manga and play mostly final fantasy rpg's.I go to the same school as U2 went to,their not my favourite band but their ok.I guess they gota be doing something right.
I listen to A Perfect Circle,Deftones,Slipknot,Tool,Linkin Park,Metallica and some other bands to.Oh,don't forget,if you dont know why a frisbee gets bigger as it comes closer to you,it will hit you,right in the face.Dont come crying to me when this happens to you,I warned ya.
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