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  • Sex: Male
  • Age: 32
  • Birthday: May 16th
  • Sign: n/a
  • Marital Status: n/a
  • Ethnicity: n/a
  • Employment: n/a
  • Education: n/a

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  • Country: United States
  • State/Province: Ohio
  • City: Greenhole (greenwich)

aim ramones6336
icq 09383277
msn [email protected]
yahoo nofx_punker5301

  • Signed Up: 2003/05/25 11:55 PM
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Here For

hum.. the first thing i have to say is that this site kicks ass... hum.. i am kind of a weird person.. i like music i guess, some bands that i like are nirvana, ramones, chevelle, nofx, trapt, some other stuff i guess.. i like to skateboard, play the drums, talking to the pope , being mean, ridding my 4~wheeler, talk online to my best friend Morgan Gorby. and the last thing i have to add is that i think that shorty5 is the hottest girl on this site........

im a suppa villain..on penicillan..with matt dillon..i be chillin..and we be killin..and she be willing..to take the billin..playin da fillon
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